Top 5 Most-Owned Authors

Hey guys, it’s me, coming at you with a post about the 5 authors whose books I own the most of. There’s not much else I can say in this intro so let’s just jump right in.


1. Rick Riordan- 22 books

By him, I own:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (5 books)


The Heroes of Olympus (5 books)


The Kane Chronicles (3 books)


The Trials of Apollo (books 1 and 2)


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (book 2)


Various guidebooks, short story collections, and other extras (6 books)

Rick Riordan is, far and away, my most-owned author. Not only do I own almost every book he has ever written, I have also read almost every book he has ever written.

Most of this collection comes from my childhood. As a kid, I was something of a Rick Riordan superfan. I even dabbled in reading (and writing) Percy Jackson fanfic for a while. The stories I wrote are probably still up on, actually, if you feel like hunting them down. I’m not going to give you a link, though. Sorry.

Anyway, since those days my love for Rick Riordan has waned a bit. I’ve gotten older, my tastes have evolved, and I just don’t like his writing as much in the newer books. Still, these books hold a special place in my fangirl heart, and I can’t imagine parting with them.


2. Brandon Sanderson- 10 books

By him, I own:

The Stormlight Archive (all 3 books that are out)


The Mistborn series


Wax & Wayne series (first 2 books)




Arcanum Unbounded short story collection

Coming in second place is another unsurprising author. Brandon Sanderson is probably my absolute favorite author. I talked at length about this over in my review of The Rithmatist, but basically I love his worldbuilding, his characters. He’s such an inspiration to me in my own writing, and he is a large part of the reason why I love fantasy so much.

Huge thanks to my best friend for introducing me to this fantastic author. I don’t know why I waited so long to listen to you.


3. Marissa Meyer- 9 books

By her, I own:

The Lunar Chronicles (4 books)


The Lunar Chronicles related books (from left to right: Lunar Chronicles 3.5, collection of short stories, graphic novel)





I haven’t talked about this much on this blog, since there hasn’t been much of an opportunity to, but I absolutely love the Lunar Chronicles series. It’s part science fiction, part fairytale retelling, and all awesome. The Lunar Chronicles was Marissa Meyer’s debut, and she continues to write amazing books after its end. I would definitely consider her to be an auto-buy author for me.


4. Marie Lu- 7 books

By her, I own:

The Legend Trilogy


The Young Elites (3 books)


Warcross (book 1)

I started reading Marie Lu’s books back when she first came out with Legend, and I’ve been in love ever since. The Legend trilogy is amazing, and while I didn’t love the Young Elites quite as much, it was still great. So far, though, her newest series blows both of those out of the water. I absolutely loved the first book, Warcross, when I read it. Book two, Wildcard, is coming out in September, and I cannot wait. If you haven’t read Marie Lu’s books, you definitely should. They’re fast-paced, fun, and full of mayhem. They take common themes—dystopian worlds, fantasy—and make them into something totally new.


5. Margaret Peterson Haddix- 7 books

By her, I own:

The Missing Series (books 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7)


Just Ella

Rounding out the list, we have Margaret Peterson Haddix, another of my childhood faves that I have sort of grown out of at this point. I used to spend long hours discussing the Missing series with my best friend, theorizing about what would happen, talking about what had already happened. I have a lot of fond memories associated with this author, and more specifically, with the Missing series… but the last book came out a while ago, and I still have yet to read it. At this point, I don’t know if I ever will. Still, just like with Rick Riordan, these books are special to me, and I can’t part with them. Plus, again like Rick Riordan, someday I might want to finish, or try reading them again. Obviously I need to be prepared when that happens.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you next week.


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